The Shooting Down of A Wing Loong Drone in A Renewed Conflict Between Libya and Turkey

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The Middle East has always been a hot spot for international wars. Due to its excellent geographical location and abundant oil resources, the Middle East has become a hot spot for all military players to fight for.

Conflict in Libya and Turkey, also is stressful, according to the latest report from about 55 km west of Tripoli, a Turkish frigate suddenly emission standard of air defense missile, and successfully shot down a plane to the united Arab emirates Wing  loogn - 2 drones, drone war in the Middle East is not a surprise,drone is a ready market in the Middle East, and the role of the drone in the long-term practice process were fully embodied. So why, one wonders, are uae drones on the ground in Libya?

As is known to all, the pterosaur series drone is a series of reconnaissance and strike integrated multi-purpose drone developed by Chengfei in China. Wing loogn 2 is based on wing loogn1, and its practical ceiling, speed and endurance have been greatly improved compared with the previous generation. As to why Libya has advanced drones, it may be worth asking Libya's big brother, the united Arab emirates, which supplies Libya with weapons and funds to compete with Turkey. In addition to the pterodactyl 2 uav, the russian-made armor S1 air defense missile is also from the UAE.

Although Turkey is one of the largest military powers in the Middle East, it has failed to gain the upper hand in its war with Syria, and one of the most critical is the wing loogn 2, which has proved surprisingly effective on the battlefield. Prior to this, according to Libyan sources, Libya used our wing loogn 2 drone to carry out air strikes on military bases, which destroyed two radars, two uavs and an anti-aircraft missile site in the Turkish military base, which is a very good achievement for the wing loogn 2 drone.

For the wing loogn - 2 unmanned aircraft shot down, according to the report, wing loogn - 2 drone after falling to the ground by the Turkish soldiers together, thought, Turkey is likely to disassemble research and reference for technology, wing loogn - 2 drone, after all, only casing damage and the core technology and no damage, the research on Turkey pterosaurs - 2 drones have advantageous conditions

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