Chinese Drones Are Making Inroads in Europe

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temps de mise à jour : 2020-07-08 16:55:29
The Serbian military took over the export of the CH92A uav. Chinese military UAV advantage is cheap, has entered the European market, coupled with the previous bright performance in the Middle East battlefield, the United States has lost the advantage of drone.

Serbia and China have strong ties, and the two countries have helped each other in the epidemic. Now it is importing our weapons and equipment, and getting closer and closer. The Rainbow 92A drone that Serbia imported from us. Although it is not the best in the world, it is one of the best in the world. For the Serbian military, it has been very successful in fighting against illegal militants, and has been tested many times by the Serbian military, which has proved its excellent performance and reliability.
China has sold dozens of large drones to several Middle Eastern countries, including Saudi Arabia and Iraq, for more than $700 million. According to the company, 10 countries are currently in talks to buy drones. However, Chinese UAV has few European customers. Now, The CH92A UAV enters the European market, opening a new direction for China's future arms trade. As the saying goes, the real truth lies in actual combat. Rainbow and Wing Loong series drones have achieved remarkable results in the Middle East in recent years. After all, drones are consumables, cheap and excellent in places where there is no air superiority. The whole world is entering the era of drones.

Compared with American drones, Chinese drones are much cheaper, and European countries will never care about the price. Chinese drones are easy to use and can be operated freely within a week of training. Besides, their performance is not low. More important is our country even the production line can sell, beneficial to European countries their own localization, want to make as many as possible, plus can play a major role. Nothing could be more thoughtful and useful than the equipment that has made China's name with drones.
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