A Homemade Drone Has Been Shot Down In the Middle East

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temps de mise à jour : 2020-05-27 17:56:04
Recently, according to media reports, domestic large crashed DJI drone was shot down in the Middle East, but the dramatic is the domestic drones are also domestic against drone electromagnetic gun shot down, under this kind of the drone electromagnetic gun began to steal the show, many have sent orders, lined up to purchase the drone electromagnetic gun, after the look but said very helpless, because it means that now the use of the region's drone is likely to face the danger of unexpected, it now seems the most don't want to see the scene finally appeared.

Libyan soldiers fired anti-drone shots at a Chinese drone

Because has excellent performance and moderate prices, domestic drones almost a corner on the market over the years, many countries have abandoned the original equipment of U.S. drones, turned to China purchasing the equipment, and in the civil war in Syria and Iraq and other places, the figure of drone also can be seen everywhere, this is knocked down in Libya from China a small civil drone, can fly to the height of the hundred of meters back high-definition images, providing reconnaissance and target designation for ground troops.

And shot down the big drone weapons, DJI is China's production of drone electromagnetic gun, this weapon is not like other gun, the gun is not like other gun will launch speed of bullets, but will launch very strong radio waves to the target direction, interfere with the drone and the connection between the ground control station, forcing the drone return or landing on its own.

Although this sounds like a great waters rushed the story of correlation, but this story let us a headache, because it is a life lived for Chinese equipment of advertising, at present there are many countries around the world military drone in use Chinese production, even including the own, compared to other countries production of drone, China's biggest advantage is small and powerful, drone while in other countries can in a few miles back to the screen, but their size is quite large, the ground can be easily found that while China's drone to do performance at the same time have a small advantage, It is almost impossible to spot a Chinese drone on the ground if you don't pay attention to the search, and the fact that you can see it on the ground in Libya is a testament to its performance.

on the other hand, the strong strength of the drone gun also got perfectly embodied in this conflict, to know in order to avoid losses, unmanned aircraft are flying at an altitude of hundreds of meters, but the drone gun shoot them down at a stroke, clearly show the strong performance of the equipment, to know the present even the U.S. military has not been able to practical application of the drone weapons systems, apparently in this area we have walked in advance in the United States.

After this event, other countries will not give up Chinese products, but also is likely to buy from China a large number of drone and the drone equipment, it also out of China anyway in unmanned drone has achieved advanced technology manufacturing, in some ways to achieve even surpass the other countries, can trust chinese-made drones and the equipment will be in the future to a broader international market.

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