Chinese Military Rainbow UAV Is At The Forefront of the World And Can Strike Multiple Targets With Precision

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temps de mise à jour : 2020-04-24 17:49:39
When we talked about the drone,  the first impression coming to most of  people's mind is the small, remote-controlled machines that we see buzzing around in the air on the street. Of course, these are also called drones, which we use a lot in our daily life. But in the military realm, what people call drones are military weapons with great combat capability and the ability to carry missiles. At present, Chinese military UAV technology has been at the forefront of the world. In particular, our country's Rainbow UAV, the company produced the Rainbow series of UAV not only has a very high reputation
in China, but also a large number of exported to the world.

Therefore, Chinese Rainbow UAV can be said to be one of the most influential and powerful UAV of this company. In this company, among many series of UAV products, especially the rainbow 4 is the most popular in the international market, so the export volume of rainbow 4 UAV is the largest in this company. But many times, the company's biggest name is drones, and many people forget that rainbow drones is also an expert in the development air-to-ground missiles.
After all, a drone used in combat, if it doesn't have a missile, it doesn't have a combat capability. As a result, Rainbow UAV company has not only made great efforts to develop various advanced new drones, but also developed various advanced air-to-ground missiles. Such as the most popular domestic and foreign buyers of AR series. Many times, weaker countries abroad may not have enough money to buy drones, but they never stop buying them. One of the most important reasons is that the AR series missiles developed by Chinese rainbow company can carry out precise strikes against a variety of targets.

For example, the AR1, part of the AR series of air-to-ground missiles, is basically the one that customers buy the most and are most frequently used in drones. Because the number of customers of Rainbow UAV in China is very large, so it appears frequently in foreign wars. This means that there are also more drone missiles being used. It doesn't disappoint customers, it has a lot of great parameters. For example, after the improvement in the general model, its hit accuracy has been greatly improved, the average accuracy maintained in the range of 2 to 3 meters.

The AR1 air-to-ground missile also has impressive range data of up to 8km. Not only that, it is also very fast, capable of reaching Mach 1.1. With an arm-piercing capability of more than 1000 meters and a reinforced concrete penetration parameter of 1200 mm, many people should also know that such performance is capable of destroying all types of tanks currently used in the world for major warfare. But as science continues to advance, the AR1 air-to-ground missile is becoming increasingly unsuitable for its customers.

To keep up with The Times, rainbow  company later introduced two air-to-ground missiles that were more suitable for customers' needs. Like the AR2. Some customers think the AR1 is too heavy and bulky to hit small targets. So the design of the AR2 is not much different from that of the AR1, except that the AR2 is half the weight of the AR1. The AR1 is capable of striking larger tanks, while the AR2 is capable of striking smaller targets with precision.

For large warships, such as aircraft carriers and other enemy weapons, these two missiles are not enough. So rainbow company once again according to the customer's requirements, the missile once again carried out a new design. The AR1 is designed to double the body and weight of its warhead directly on the base. So my friends, do you know more about our rainbow UAV company's

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