The Classification of Chinese Military Drones

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    Chinese military drones can be classified into reconnaissance drones, decoy drones, electronic countermeasures drones, communications relay drones, unmanned fighter drones and target aircraft. In the future, the application range and field of military drones will be expanded and expanded.
     Reconnaissance drones for artillery positioning and range reconnaissance. Which takes advantages of the radio remote control equipment and their own program control device to control the unmanned aircraft. Reconnaissance aircraft is specially used to carry out reconnaissance from the air, intelligence,  which is one of the main reconnaissance tools in modern warfare.
The main purpose of the decoy drone is to simulate the flight path of fighter aircraft, cruise missiles and radar signal characteristics to create false air condition, to induce the enemy radar to start up, to induce the enemy's air defense weapons to carry out attacks, to cover our penetration combat aircraft, and to cooperate with the electronic reconnaissance and anti-radiation attack forces to carry out combat tasks. At the same time, the mission system has the ability to jam the ground radar, and can provide effective training and evaluation means for radar and air defense forces in the complex electromagnetic environment.

      Electronic countermeasures drone, electronic countermeasures is a variety of electronic measures and actions taken by both sides to weaken and destroy the effectiveness of the other side's electronic equipment and ensure the effectiveness of their own electronic equipment, also known as electronic warfare. Airborne electronic countermeasure system is the main means of modern electronic countermeasure. With the development of ballistic missiles and satellites, outer space is a new battlefield, and electronic countermeasures will play an important role in the future modern warfare.

         Communication relay drones. In future wars, communications systems will be the lifeblood of battlefield command and control and the focus of attacks by both sides. drones communication network can establish a strong redundant backup communication link to improve the survivability. After being attacked, the backup communication network can recover quickly and play an irreplaceable role in network-based warfare. High-altitude, long-endurance drones extend the communication range, use satellites to provide alternative links, direct to land-based terminals, and reduce the threat of physical attack and noise interference. The combat communication drones adopts a variety of data transmission systems, and the in-line-of-sight simulation data transmission system is used among each combat unit. With the satellite communication relay system beyond the visual range, high-speed real-time transmission of images, data and other information.
Unmanned combat aircraft (drones) is a new air weapon system. Drones have been upgraded from combat support equipment for air reconnaissance, battlefield surveillance and combat damage assessment to one of the main combat equipment that can suppress enemy air defense system, attack the ground, and diagnose and treat air combat. At present, the main function is to implement air defense suppression and deep - depth attack.

     Target drone, a military aircraft used as a target for shooting training. The aircraft simulates enemy aircraft or incoming missiles during military exercises or weapon tests by using remote control or pre-determined flight paths and modes, providing imaginary targets and shooting opportunities for various types of artillery or missile systems. There are specially built target aircraft, but also the use of old aircraft modification; Used once and used many times.
Here are some of China's military drones.
1,Wing Loong Ⅱ UAV

It is the first drone equipped with turboprop engine in China, with fully autonomous horizontal wheel takeoff and landing, cruise flight, fast, light, cost-effective, long endurance, multi-purpose, easy to use, check and hit the characteristics.

2, CH-7

     It is the China aerospace science and technology group co., LTD., 11 research project developed type high altitude, high speed, stealth, long-endurance unmanned reconnaissance blow system, can carry out continuous surveillance, alert in high-risk environment detection, air defense to suppress, combat support, or other weapons to combat operations such as high value targets

  3, Anjian UAV
   "Anjian" on aerodynamic design used a similar - 2 B and F - 117 - a mix of arrow form layout wing-body fusion, present a arrow on body parts in the vertical direction in the shape of a triangle, flat streamlined fuselage and wings smooth transition into the overall lifting surface, can the body design and adjustable front wing, conventional wings and tail for the overall layout of high-speed and large overload maneuvering flight.

4,Soar Dragon
  It uses a large amount of composite materials, the wings are designed with a diamond layout, and the curve on the fuselage is continuous and smooth, all in line with the principle of reducing the RCS reflection area.

The weight of individual electric drone less than 10 kilograms in the system, the system after dismantling the backpack, can be put in a time less than 10 minutes.

6, Skyhawk -3 UAV
The drone, which took 14 months to build, has a wingspan of 42 meters, is larger than a Boeing 737 and weighs about 400 kilograms, the equivalent of a small car. It flies at an altitude of between 20,000 and 30,000 meters, is powered by solar power, and can fly for three months in a single sustained flight, relay high-speed Internet connections to the ground.

 7, Tianyi-I UAV
It is a medium and low altitude dual-use, long-endurance multi-purpose drone, equipped with a 100 HP piston engine and fully autonomous pterodactyl drone take-off, landing and flight capability.

8, Harrier drones
  It is a kind of hollow and low speed uav system developed according to the needs of domestic users.

9, Blade UAV
   Blade UAV, developed independently by the 8,357 institute of aerospace science and industry, is the most intelligent drone in China.

10, WJ-600 Drone
  The wj-600 drone is an important weapon and equipment used in information war. It has the characteristics of fast response speed and strong penetration capability. It can carry out missions all the time and carry out military missions such as ground attack, electronic warfare and information relay.
11, Tornado scout UAV
  The tornado scout drone at this year's Zhuhai air show, AVIC exhibited the "whirlwind scout" miniature unmanned helicopter, which USES a lot of composite materials, weighs about 9 kg, loads 1.5 kg, cruised for 3 hours, and can perform battlefield reconnaissance missions of company, platoon and detachment.
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